Social Media Marketing Do’s & Dont’s

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time on social media…even the largest, most experienced brands. It happens. However, if you have a few guidelines to help you avoid the pit holes as you travel down the social media marketing road, I am pretty sure you could avoid making some of the mistakes that others have made before you.

Here are 10 social media marketing do’s and don’ts to learn from…


1. Keep it Short!

It is proven that shorter posts get more engagement. On Twitter, you don’t have much choice, you have to keep it brief because you only have 140 characters. I would encourage you to keep your tweets even shorter, perhaps 120-130 characters, so that others have room to make a comment when they retweeet you.

2. Manners Do Matter!

My Mama always told me that manners do matter and I think she is right to this day! Thank your fans and followers and let them know that you appreciate them. It goes a long way and makes you stand out from the rest!

3. Lead With Value

Make sure that you are leading with value. If you provide great value and are useful to your ideal client, they will tune into your message. This type of positioning; leading with the value proposition without the expectation of reward will generate more sales for your business than a consistent push marketing message. Trust me on this!

4. Talk Back

When someone talks to you in person, you don’t ignore them, do you? Under ordinary circumstances, when someone talks to you in real life, you respond. I am not sure why people think it is ok to not respond online. If you post something and someone responds…TALK BACK!  Show interest! Build rapport!

5. Listen!

Ask questions and then REALLY listen to the responses. There is “gold in them thar hills” as the saying goes. If you will listen to what your ideal client is saying, you will discover what their pain points are and how you become the solution to their problems. Pure marketing gold!


1. Hide Behind Your Logo

Come on out behind that logo and share the personalities behind the brand. People today are connecting and buying from people that they know, like and trust. It’s important to share the personal side of who you are so that people can connect on that personal level.

2. Constantly Broadcast Your Marketing Message

Groan! Nothing irritates me more than to connect with someone new and they immediately blast me with their business. Please take the time to build relationships with people and the opportunity to share your business will be a natural by-product. You certainly don’t meet someone in real life for the first time and immediately tell them you are having a 20% off on your website…’run right over there and BUY’, do you? If you do, you have bigger problems <grin>. A good mix is 80-90% content/value and 10-20% marketing message.

3. Be Negative

Focus on what you bring to the table and how you can help solve your customers problem. You are the solution and here is why type of messaging. When you start bashing a competitor, it simply makes you look like you are bashing a competitor. Steer clear of this. Be more!

4. Use Bad Grammar

Proofread everything before you hit that post button! I have made this mistake several times, where I get in a hurry and a word is misspelled. It never fails, that someone will notice and point it out. Keeping your writing free of as many grammar goofs as you can is important!

5. Talk Politics

Yikes, this is one hot topic and I find it sad that we can’t hold a civil conversation about our different viewpoints on social media around this topic but the reality is that we simply can’t. I have yet to see a civil conversation take place around the topic of politics. I have determined that it is simply better to steer clear of this one! If you decide to do differently, just be warned that the kitchen sink might come flying by at some point icon smile Social Media Marketing Dos and Donts .

Bron: Kim Garst, 22 augustus 2013